Test Program Manager (TPM)

Test Program Management Capabilities:

  • Incremental development.
  • Incremental test development Test Plan and Rules controlled
  • Collaborative development.
  • Optimize Test Program structure
  • Test program planning.
  • TP-M is part of the new test program life cycle solutions from TestInsight

TP-M utilizes TestInsight unique capability to read and analyze a whole test program from flow to every test pattern, timings, levels etc.

This solution is aimed to help customers address challenges such as:

  • Incremental test program development
    • Help users efficiently add, remove and replace tests in an existing test program
    • Automated process
    • Keep the test program clean of redundant elements
  • Controlling test program structure throughout multiple projects
    • Control test program structure using pre-defined test plan
    • Enforce unified binning methodology in all test programs
    • Enforce optimized test procedures usage in all projects
  • Collaborative test program, development
    • Allow multiple engineers to work on the same test program – Efficiently manage tester resources
  • Split the program in groups
  • Merge all test groups into a single test program
  • Combine multiple test programs into a multi-chip test program
    • Saves test time, as multiple tests are running concurrently
  • Other challenges that require the ability to read, understand and analyze a whole test program not just the test patterns